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We at Cadenza Music Academy strive to provide the very best to our students. We are currently undergoing many changes that will help us participate in the next stage of musical education and are excited to be using My Music Staff to better our ability to serve our students. If you are a current student, but do not have access to your login, please send us an email at minako@cadenzamusicacademy.com and we will send over your credentials as well as brief instructions on how to create your (and your student’s) account.
Home: A summary of pertinent information. This includes information that can also be found in Calendar, Attendance and Notes, Library and Downloads, Practice Log, and Repertoire. You can also see any announcements Cadenza has made recently.
Calendar: View your upcoming lessons as well as any events that Cadenza Music Academy is participating in.
Studio Info: Information about our headquarters.

Attendance and Notes: A list of your lesson days and times, your attendance record for those classes, as well as any notes your teacher may have submitted.

Library and Downloads: Items that Cadenza Music Academy have uploaded onto the site can be found here. Currently, our downloadable items are arranged by Subject (Theory, Sight Reading, Technical Requirements) and then by Certificate of Merit level.
Practice Log: Here is where you can log the amount of time you practice each day.

Repertoire: If you choose to do so, here is where you can log what repertoire you are working on. Note that only the Title and status are required to log repertoire.

Email History: See any emails or texts sent to you through My Music Staff.

PARENTS can see one additional item

Account and Invoices: Quickly view current and past invoices, a record of your payment, and pay your invoice by clicking “Make a Payment.”